jeudi 21 mars 2013


Nous adressons nos sincères condoléances et nos affectueuses pensées à :

- Kim Hoa (promo 70) et Kim Anh (promo 71
pour le décès de leur mère BernadetteTran Kim Dung, ancienne de Notre Dame du Lang Bian, Dalat, survenu le 12 mars 2013 à Montréal.

et aussi à

- Trang Dung et Trang Hanh
pour le décès de leur mère Justine Nguyen Thi Hai, ancienne de Notre Dame du Lang Bian, Dalat, survenu le 1 novembre 2012 à Irvine en Californie. 
(J'ai mis le discours écrit et lu par le fils aîné de Justine en commentaire, pour le lire cliquez sur commentaire)

Avec tristesse nous informons les anciennes de Dalat de la disparition de :

- Agnès Tran thi Hue, ancienne de Notre Dame du Lang Bian, Dalat, le 30 décembre 2012 à Paris. 

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Evelyne a dit…

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
On behalf of my family, I would like to sincerely thank you for being here today to say goodbye to my mother and to celebrate her extraordinary life. We deeply appreciate your presence.

She spent her formative years in a Catholic boarding school in Dalat, the famous Couvent des Oiseaux. After graduation, she attended the school of Pharmacy at the Saigon University. Obtaining her degree in 1951, she married one of her classmates, my father, and both started an all-night pharmacy in downtown Saigon. This endeavor became an instant success. Just one year later, the young couple saved enough to start one of the first pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in post-colonial Vietnam. Trang Hai Duoc Vien became one of the largest in the country.
In the next decade, my mother became a prominent fixture in the business circles of Vietnam. She was elected Vice-President of the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce. She also represented Vietnam at the International Labor Organization of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland several years in a row.
In early 1970, she entered the national political arena after being elected to Vietnam’s National Assembly as a representative of her native Long An Province. Her fellow national assembly members then elected her as Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives. She also continued her well known social and charity work with the first lady of the country to build a large and modern hospital dedicated to the people of Vietnam, the Vi Dan hospital.
To the outside world, my mother was admired and respected for being a self-made woman in an era when women were not expected to be leaders in society. But a leader she was and her prestige and fame were known throughout the land. A figure almost larger than life.
Yet, at home, my mother was loving and dedicated to the welfare of her husband and children. She took personal care of the education of her children, planning and choosing schools for each of us inside as well as outside of Vietnam.
She constantly demonstrated to us her commitment to the equality of opportunities for men and women, never once adopting the age old tradition of favoring one gender over the other. In this way, my mother was certainly a woman ahead of her time. Yet in other ways, she remained deeply traditional. Despite her Catholic faith, she adhered closely to the Vietnamese tradition of ancestor worship.
Something else she constantly impressed upon us is to always be fair in dealing with our equals as well as people less fortunate than us. Modesty was a trait of character I saw in her throughout her entire life. She never found pleasure in accepting personal accolades and never sought them out. She maintained a childlike honesty and sweetness that endeared her to others.
As a mother, she created a world for us where we felt safe and loved. We were inspired by her determination, formidable energy, and confidence in the future.
In 1975, like so many other Vietnamese, we relocated to the US. Never once did I see my mother dwell on the past, or regret the loss of her status or belongings. She had an incredible ability to let go and look forward to the future with serenity, confidence and optimism. I saw that trait in her again as she grew older and settled into a peaceful state of joy as she spent time with her grandchildren.
My mother was a woman of substance and class and her passing marks the end of an era.
My brother and sisters take great comfort knowing that Mom is now with Dad and that they are happy among the stars.
We love you, Mom.